Water and Sediments

EKOGRID™ technology can be used for treating underwater bottom sediments to remove organic pollutants and simultaneously stabilize and compact soft muddy sediments. This treatment improves water quality and is typically done in situ.

The electric field initiates movement of the soil cations and soil water. Comparably larger negative soil particles mostly remain still, as they have no space in which to move. The smallest and most movable type of soil particles are clay particles. The electric field drains the clay and soil aggregates of water, initiating an electrolytic reaction that forms oxidative compounds. The clay surface will immediately release iron and aluminum cations from the clay particles and will then be bound by the multivalent Fe3+ or Al3+ cations and other remaining surface cations. Thus, compaction that is stronger than natural clay or mud can be achieved.

The customized electrokinetic field is created by using a series of steel electrodes that are set apart from each other and installed on the bottom of the body of water to be treated.

Illustration of installation.