Tero Halmari appointed as CEO of EKOGRID

Helsinki, 14th Dec 2020 EKOGRID Oy announces the appointment of Tero Halmari as a Chief   Executive Officer effective from 1st of September 2020. Tero came to EKOGRID as a Financial Advisor in January 2020 and was leading EKOGRID’s business reorganization process. Read More


EKOGRID Oy and Mares S.r.l.  (Italia) continue further their fruitful collaboration in the Italian Soil Remediation Market.  MARES has the exclusive rights to utilize and distribute the innovative and sustainable EKOGRID™ soil remediation technology in Italy as key partner of… Read More

EKOGRID Electrokinetic Remediation Chosen for Oil Disaster Recovery in Nigeria’s Ogoniland

EKOGRID electrokinetic oxidation in-situ remediation solution has been chosen for the world’s largest oil contamination recovery project in Nigeria’s Ogoniland.  Read More

Electrokinetic Remediation – Easy Video Explanation

Electrokinetic Remediation based on Oxidation is a fast, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way for cleaning up polluted soil, groundwater, and sediments. Watch this video for an easy explanation for how it works! Read More

In-situ Remediation – Five Reasons to Use Electrokinetic Oxidation

Cleaning up contaminated sites is a vast global undertaking. Despite many in-situ remediation techniques are available, it can be hard to determine, which one to use. This article explains you Five reasons to use Electrokinetic Oxidation in in-situ soil and groundwater remediation projects! Read More

MTBE Contamination and Five Examples for Remediation

This Bioremediation Blog describes the basics of the organic chemical compound MTBE (Methyl tert-butyl ether), gives an overview of MTBE contamination and finally provides you five examples of MTBE remediation methods for cleaning a MTBE spill. What is MTBE? MTBE… Read More

In-situ Remediation Agreement Between Mares Italy and EKOGRID Expanded

Progress on initial remediation of polluted petrol stations in Italy leads Eko Harden Technologies to extend its co-operation agreements with Italian remediation specialist Mares Italy S.r.l; agreements now cover all industrial sectors in Italy and other European sites. Read More

EKOGRID In-situ Solution Enters LATAM Remediation Market

30 October 2018 - Eko Harden Technologies announces the appointment of Arturo Salazar Martinez as regional sales manager for EKOGRID for Iberian and Latin American markets. Read More

La tecnología in situ EKOGRID se introduce en el mercado de remediación ambiental de América Latina

30 de octubre de 2018 - El especialista en remediación de suelos y aguas subterráneas, Eko Harden Technologies (EHT) anuncia el nombramiento de Arturo Salazar Martinez como gerente regional de ventas para los mercados Ibérico y Latinoamericanos. Read More

EKOGRID In-Situ Remediation Proves Efficient for Industrial Oil Polluted Site

Helsinki, 4th September 2018 - Eko Harden Technologies has completed remediation of a polluted industrial site in Helsinki by using its EKOGRID in-situ remediation solution; saved costs compared to the traditional mass-transfer method for the land owner and developer, Rakennuspalvelu J. Nyström Oy. Read More