Remo Moletti to join EKOGRID Team as Senior Advisor

EKOGRID Oy, 18th  May 2021 announces the appointment of Mr. Remo Moletti as a Senior Advisor effective from 1st May 2021. His key focus areas are business development and building strategic partnerships with new and existing partners especially in the… Read More

EKOGRID renewes partnership with Mares

EKOGRID is proud to announce the renewed partnership with Mares for the exclusive rights in Italy of EKOGRID solution on the hydrocarbon contamination, as a result of the great work done in these years and the successful cooperation. MARES… Read More

Aren’t they electrocuting the worms?

A brief history of electrokinetic phenomena and their application in contaminated land remediation. The first thing that my dad said to me when I explained that I was doing some work for a Finnish Company who are using electricity and… Read More

EKOGRID Oy participates in EiCLaR project funded by EU and China

EKOGRID Oy is providing technology and expertise on electrokinetic soil remediation for EiCLaR project. Project’s press release: EU and CHINA FUND JOINT RESEARCH PROJECT ON BIOREMEDIATING POLLUTED SITES FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On the 1st of January, 2021, the project EiCLaR… Read More

Overcoming obstacles with Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation

There are a wealth of options for enhancing bioremediation but still some challenges with relying on this method for large scale projects. This article discusses the challenges of enhanced bioremediation for soil and groundwater remediation, such as low permeable soils,… Read More

EKOGRID remediates over 15.000 cubic meters of sludge and soil contaminated with lube oil

EKOGRID™ technology was used to remediate hydrocarbon impacted sludge in a former sewage lagoon in Canada. Contaminants of concern were mainly petroleum hydrocarbons (BTEX/TPH). The area remediated was approximately 7500m2 with a total volume of over 15.000 m3 of sludge remediated. Petroleum… Read More

Richard Lewis to join EKOGRID team as a Senior Environmental Advisor

EKOGRID is pleased to announce that Richard Lewis will be working as a Senior Environmental Advisor for EKOGRID Oy starting in February 2021. He will be supporting us with the implementation of existing projects as well as with the… Read More

EKOGRID Enhanced Bioremediation used in successful project with Recowell Solutions Group

Group’s Press Release 21.1.2021 Finnish Environmental Technology Makes a Breakthrough in Africa Recowell Solutions Group´s technology successfully remediates first contaminated site in one of the world´s largest oil contaminated areas in Nigeria. Finnish Recowell Solutions Group’s technology was… Read More

Tero Halmari appointed as CEO of EKOGRID

Helsinki, 14th Dec 2020 EKOGRID Oy announces the appointment of Tero Halmari as a Chief   Executive Officer effective from 1st of September 2020. Tero came to EKOGRID as a Financial Advisor in January 2020 and was leading EKOGRID’s business reorganization process. Read More


EKOGRID Oy and Mares S.r.l.  (Italia) continue further their fruitful collaboration in the Italian Soil Remediation Market.  MARES has the exclusive rights to utilize and distribute the innovative and sustainable EKOGRID™ soil remediation technology in Italy as key partner of… Read More