EKOGRID In-situ Solution Approved for Remediation of US Superfund Waste Sites

Eko Harden Technologies announces that its EKOGRID electro kinetic oxidation in-situ solution has been granted the coveted status of an accepted innovative technology by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) Division of Waste Management. Read More

EKOGRID Remediates Diesel Polluted Site in Ecuador

Environment remediation specialists Eko Harden Technologies today announces that its groundbreaking EKOGRID electro kinetic oxidation technology has been successfully applied to clean an area of 2,800m2 of diesel polluted soil resulting from a break in an Ecuador service pipeline. Read More

EKOGRID In-situ Solution Enters Italian Remediation Market

Eko Harden Technologies has entered into a cooperation agreement with Italian remediation specialists Mares S.R.L., which will utilize Eko Harden's groundbreaking EKOGRID in-situ remediation technology in its soil, sediment and groundwater cleaning projects, and sell the technology to other Italian and international environmental projects. Read More

Polluted Sites, 340,000 Reasons to Choose In-Situ Remediation

Many factors limit the selection of available remediation methods for polluted sites. Miiro Jääskeläinen, Project Manager at Eko Harden Technologies explains the most common road blockers for the more resource-intense remediation methods such as ex-situ and mass-transfer. Read More

GreenTech EKOGRID Firm Enters Chinese Remediation Markets

Eko Harden Technologies has entered into a marketing co-operation with CNCEC Environmental Protection Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the large Chinese State Owned Enterprise, China National Chemical Engineering Corporation Co. Ltd. The agreement enables Eko Harden’s proprietary EKOGRID in-situ remediation technology to be used in China’s extensive soil and ground water remediation projects. Read More

Will 2018 See In-Situ Remediation Replacing Dig and Dump?

Should remediation of contaminated sites be undertaken by the traditional mass transfer method or should new less expensive and more effective in-situ solutions become the norm? Read More

EKOGRID In-situ Technology Test for Creosote Remediation Completed for Global Rollout

Groundwater poisoning BTEX’s degraded in less than a month, lighter PAHs in under half a year and heavier PAHs and remaining aliphatic hydrocarbons in less than one year Greentech specialists Eko Harden Technologies today announces that completion of a year-long… Read More

Trailblazing EKOGRID Technology for Sea Bottom Remediation Research Begins at Helsinki’s Töölö Bay

In-situ project could provide cities around the world the blueprint to clean up ugly pollution in lakes and rivers at a fraction of the cost of dredging Eko Harden Technologies Oy of Helsinki today announces that its pioneering EKOGRID™… Read More

Uraauurtavaa EKOGRID-teknologiaa merenpohjan kunnostukseen Helsingin Töölönlahden kunnostustutkimuksessa

Paikan päällä toteutettavan hankkeen ansiosta voi olla mahdollista tarjota kaupungeille eri puolilla maailman mallin siitä, kuinka järviä ja jokia rumentavat saasteet voidaan puhdistaa murto-osalla ruoppauksen vaatimista kustannuksista. Helsingissä toimiva Eko Harden Technologies Oy ilmoittaa tänään, että sen uraauurtavaa EKOGRID™-teknologiaa… Read More

EKOGRID, World First in Providing Electro Kinetic Oxidation for Sea Bottom Remediation Research

EKOGRID is an innovative environmental technology company developing and providing patented or patent pending EKOGRID™ in-situ solution for environmental remediation based on electro kinetic oxidation. Now for the first time in the world EKOGRID technology is used for sea bottom remediation research in Töölö Bay in Helsinki, Finland. Read More