GreenTech EKOGRID Firm Enters Chinese Remediation Markets

Helsinki, 6th March 2018: Greentech remediation specialists Eko Harden Technologies Oy today announces that it has entered into a marketing co-operation with CNCEC Environmental Protection Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the large Chinese State Owned Enterprise, China National Chemical Engineering Corporation Co. Ltd. The agreement enables Eko Harden’s proprietary EKOGRID technology to be used in China’s extensive soil and ground water remediation projects.

“This groundbreaking agreement with the CNCEC Environmental Protection Company opens up the Chinese market for our EKOGRID electro kinetic oxidation method to be used in a vast number of remediation projects,” says Erkki Lindberg, Chairman and CTO of Eko Harden Technologies Oy. “We’re delighted to bring our pioneering EKOGRID solution to China and to proving its effectiveness in large-scale projects in North-East Asia in the near future.”

“The EKOGRID technology represents a fantastic opportunity to dramatically increase the effectiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency in Chinese remediation projects. In search of CleanTech partners for CNCEC, EkoHarden Technologies stood out as highly attractive with its unique and environmentally friendly solutions,” says Yngve Kristiansen, Founding Partner and Head of Industrial Partnerships in Fidem Capital Partners.

Some facts about the Chinese Remediation Market

China aims to curb worsening soil pollution by 2020 and stabilize and improve soil quality by 2030. Last year, the environment minister said 16 percent of China’s soil exceeded state pollution limits. Treatment costs for heavy metal or chemical contamination are high and China has struggled to attract private funds for soil remediation.

According to Reuters, the cost of making all of China’s contaminated land fit for crops or livestock would be around 5 trillion yuan ($760 billion), based on average industry estimates of the cost of treating one hectare. Analysts have estimated the soil remediation market could be worth as much as 1 trillion yuan ($152 billion).

Much of the polluted land is located in developed regions of eastern and central China, such as the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, industrial areas of northeastern China and the central province Hunan.

As part of the policy guidelines to facilitate environmental protection,  the Chinese government has put emphasis on using in-situ remediation methods as opposed to ex-situ “dig and dump” methods which serve only to move contaminated land from one spot to another.

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About Eko Harden Technologies

Eko Harden and its groundbreaking technology is fast becoming the partner-of-choice of government agencies, municipalities, land developers and energy companies alike to eliminate environmental disasters. EKOGRID electro kinetic oxidation technology produces a controlled low voltage electric field in a polluted area to amplify the remediation power of nature. The patented technology has proven to be an ecological, sustainable and cost-efficient way for remediating the environment already in ten countries across five continents.

Eko Harden Technologies aims to become one of the world’s leading providers of greentech and cleantech technology and service providers for use by governments, United Nations agencies, local municipalities, industrials and energy companies. Its patented EKOGRID technology supports the growth of global wealth and health in a sustainable manner by removing chemical pollutants in both land and water “in situ” by advanced oxidation and enhanced bioremediation. Visit